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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  November 17, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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>> reporter: hundreds of demonstrators turning a rejects' meeting where police are forced to use more than pepper spray to control the crowd. how an east oakland church hopes to turn a tragedy into an opportunity to reduce violence. and just the idea of charging a toll to drive in a -- drive in from san francisco to
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the peninsula has drivers fuming. good afternoon. we begin this noontime with rowdy protests. they are gathering at the campus of ucsf mission bay. hundreds of protesters gathered on the campus early this morning and there were some confrontations. jade hernandez joins us now to let us know what happened. >> reporter: good afternoon. the meeting is still going on behind me. they are getting ready to take a break. protesters are quiet now but that answer the case a few hours ago. protesters scuffled with police. we witnessed and incident get out of hand as a campus police officer defended himself
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>> they started to push we were get in and then people were out of the stairwell and they were hitting the steps with the billy club trying to get us to get out. >> reporter: protesters continued to get rile and we caught police pepper spraying the crowd. this man got open pepper spray. >> the additional increase they are proposing, i'm geared to stand with the students who are being targeted by essentially very greedy uc regents. >> reporter: to control the crowd, campus police also made arrests before the protest began this morning, a spokesperson told me the plan before the meeting. >> no one here wants any kind of disruption that is a problem and these campus police that you see here are from several different uc campuses. they protect these students
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every single day. >> reporter: what we've shown you stems from the meeting which was taking place while demonstrations took place outside. 65 speakers signed up to tell the uc regents members what they thought about the board's votes on the changes tomorrow. a press conference has just been scheduled in a half hour with the uc campus police chief and protesters have already indicated to us that they with will rally at uc berkeley tomorrow and they will finalize their plans later tonight. reporting live from san francisco, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, jade. a short time ago, $500,000 grant was announced at an east bay church for a program to help combat violence and fatalities in oakland and richmond. sadly, that same church was the site of a fatal shooting yesterday. kraig debro joins us now with more. good afternoon, kraig. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. the actual award was awarded to the church in september.
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the timing of today's announcement of the award of the grant was merely coincidental with yesterday's tragedy but both did happen at the same place, east oakland's allen temple baptist church, a man released from prison about a month earlier was shot in the head underneath a church cross. we're more serious about this as a result of the tragedy. >> reporter: this morning allen temple baptist church announced it had received a $430,000 grant from the california endowment. the money will be used to promote violence prevention and help justice in richmond and oakland. the man shot and killed here yesterday, was taking g.e.d. classes at allen temple in oakland but lived in richmond. the leadership of the church says they will reach thousands of people by just talking to a few pastors. >> >> so each of those 20 pastors represents maybe 300, 400, 500
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people each, maybe more. >> reporter: it's not just pastors who will benefit from the paining -- training. >> they, too, are being trained in the area of urban ministry and community advocacy. >> reporter: the church already does plenty of outreach. the victim was trying to get his ged in fellow ship. he was shot outside when he went to take a phone call. the father of the church preaches economic inequities are to blame. >> health despairries and despairries in economics. >> reporter: yesterday's homicide was the 74th of the year, but the first in the 90- year history of the church any homicide was committed on church property. reporting live in oakland, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, kraig. we're following a breaking story out of richmond where police say an unidentified man was shot to death just over an
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hour and a half ago on cutting boulevard near south 31 street. police say someone approach the man on foot and shot him around 10:20 this morning. investigators say the man tried to walk for help but collapsed and died at the scene. we'll bring you more information on this story as it becomes available. police in antioch are looking for the suspect in a deadly shooting outside a 7-11. officers responded to reports of a shooting outside the store on buchanan road just before 9:00 last night. officers found gregory levy of antioch in a car. he was pronounced dead several minutes later. officers questions another person in the car with levi? the chp is investigating an accident that accident in san leandro near grant avenue. officers say the minivan was going about 50 miles an hour when the driver veered to the left and hit a flatbed truck.
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the driver and the person sitting behind him were killed. authorities say the driver was talking to someone in the back when it happened. >> we haven't seen any evidence of alcohol or drugs. like i said, it's still an ongoing investigation. it's just in the infancy. we'll hopefully out what caused this collision. >> the 30-year-old driver was unlicensed in came. some or possibly all of the people in the van worked at santini foods just down the street from the accident -- from the street. there was a news conference held this morning about the kidnapping of a business owner on november 4th and the arrest of five suspects. police say the suspects demanded a million dollars in ransom. this morning they say crimes like these need to be reported right away. >> in this case there was a delay. and rather than criticize the victims in this case, we want
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to encourage our victims -- citizens that if a crime like this occurs, please notify the police department. >> officers say any time a member of the public suspects someone is impersonating an officer, to dial 191. the environmental protection agency is ordering caltrans to stop polluting rivers, streams and the bay. audits found traces of debris along 50,000 miles of roadway. the epa warns caltrans say they could face penalties if they don't stop the runoff in a year. commuters on the peninsula may pay a toll to to come
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other. he this -- pay it a toll to come over san mateo county. >> back east they have the inner bridge tolls, you know, 30 cents, a dollar. i continue -- i don't agree with it. it's just another way to make revenue. >> how would you really? it's ridiculous. it's ridiculous. who came up with this, anyways? >> san francisco would use the money to improve roads, transit systems and bike trails. an odd incident in the east bay this morning, a standoff between police and a man in a tree. >> the law requires employers to pay employees for all ours they work -- >> we're just learning about a settlement between meg whitman and her former -- former
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a close call in oakland. an suv barely missed crashing into a house.
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it happened at 73rd and holiday avenues around 2:00 a.m. the suv took out a traffic light before it plowed into the through e fence. it missed the house with just inches -- by just inches. rave type music events and parties are now banned at the cal palace, at least for now. that's after two drug-or alcohol-related deaths last may and more than a dozen other people got sick at a three weeks ago. the cow palace vote the unanimously on this. it's unclear how long this will be in effect. the head of the tsa is defending the use of pat-downs and body scanners. he says the procedure will not change. he testified before a city committee.
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some passengers are complaining the procedures are invasive. he says he has experienced the pat-down himself and understands the privacy concerns but says they are still necessary to keep americans as safe as possible. >> it was more invasive as i was used to. what is in my mind with almost 27 years with the fbi, what are the plots out there, how are we informed by the latest -- by the latest technology and what do we need to do to ensure the american people that we're being thorough? >> pilots must go through scanning devices and pat-downs. on "mornings on 2" chesley sullenberger said implementing a program called "crew pat" would be better. >> if they would very quickly verify the identity and current employment of working pilots. that would be much more effective. >> the tsa did make a
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clarification saying children under 12 years old would not have to undergo the pat-down but exemptions would not be given for passengers who refuse to be screened for religious reasons. within the past hour house republicans and democrats ee investigated their new leaders and there's still change at the top. nancy pelosi won her bid to remain the top democrat in the house. boner will be the next -- phone err will be the next speaker of the -- boner err will be the next -- bohner will become the new speaker of the house. we've just gotten word that meg whitman's undocumented housekeeper was awarded $5500 in back pages.
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gloria ail allred -- gloria allred appealed to whitman this morning before the meeting. we say to meg whitman, it's never too late to do the right thing. you spent $143 million of your own money on your campaign. hopefully, you have enough money left to pay your housekeeper -- the wages that you owe to her. >> in september, allred claim that whitman new diaz's immigration status and only fired her after she decided to run for governor. after a meeting a whitman representative said this was a political soap opera that has to come to an end. a potentially dangerous situation at berkeley came to an end this morning. a man was sitting in a tree for about an hour and a half, at one point, police believe he was armed with some type of sharp october. police shut down part of shaddock avenue for a while. the man came down. it's not clear what prompted
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his actions. a powerful storm hit the east coast this morning, this is at the trenton airport in new jersey. several planes were blown over by 65-mile-per-hour winds. the winds also knocked down some power lines. let's check in with steve paulson for our forecast. >> today's not too bad. temperatures are running a little tooler than yesterday. but we still have a lot of 60s and some very low os and some fog has actually returned to the coast. not making too much of an impact. from about point reyes down to the coast. haze in the air. sanrafael, 66. temperatures will continue to inch downward. mostly sunny today. a few high clouds. mainly north bay. mostly sunny south bay. more clouds on the increase. dealer-- cooler and cooler with rain. it looks like -- it looks cold
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with a lot of cloud. some wind and rain. umer 40s to very low 50s on the highs. the first part of this system is just staying to the north right now. we get the sunshine. a few of these higher clouds are inching through and a lot of cold air is bottled to the north. highs today. some areas are warming up and 60s and 70s. still above average on the temperatures. 71 san jose. palo alto is at 68. concord/livermore checking in at 70s. not the upper 70s and 80s we had a few days ago. 65 in oakland/berkeley and san francisco, 67. st.helena and kenwood, these were the low temperatures. it's been a while since we had some 30s but we had some this morning. >> tahoe/truckee down to the teens along with mammoth lakes. ukiah was down to 35 this
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morning. eureka 36. there's some cold readings, 50, 60s to almost 80 degrees in palm springs. there's the front seattle/portland and then the cold air is on a strong low. that low air is gonna dig in. today, sunshine there, mostly sunny, a little bit of fog as you saw son the coast. it's nice but a little bit cooler. maybe a little westerly breeze by the beaches as well. the temperatures and the beach weather we had a couple of weeks ago is disappearing rapidly. then we'll all start to cool down 30. and then it gets cool around here on the weekend. with snow levels down to 2,000 feet. >> wow. >> i know. >> is there usually this much of a change? >> this is a dramatic change.
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in november. >> yes. very unusual. this morning san francisco launched a new campaign aimed at preventing people from illegally dumping garbage. according to the department of public works, 27% of residents and businesses in the bayview do not have garbage service. the department says garbage, unwanted furnishings are often dumbed on sidewalks and in open lots. >> it's important that we realize what dumpping means. it's not just a little garbage, it's to bees and tons of garbage -- it's tons and tons of garbage. several big stories today, concerning famous entertainers, including a divorce announcement. some people are wondering if tina fey was edited during a
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taking a live look at the big board on wall street. numbers are mixed right now. stock markets basic steadying themselves after four days of decline after ireland discussed the bailout of the european
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union. indexes rising slightly as energy and material stocks rebound. oakland's outgoing mayor ron dellums has just released his state of the city report online with video. it chronicals the ave chivements of the administration over the last four years. he chose not to deliver the speech in person. we'll have a full report on this on the news at 5:00. according to the san francisco chronical, meanwhile, mayor dellums' wife has been talking with oakland officials about the possibility of her husband leaving city hall early. reportedly to take a lobbying job in washington, washington, d.c. "chronical" says he's under pressure to pay the irs a sizable amount to cleave up his $252,000 tax lien by the end of the year. if he were to step down, mayor-
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elect jean kwon would replace him. eva longoria is shedding the role of wife in her real life. she filed for divorce from her husband, tony parker. she cited irreconcilable differences and requested her maiden name be restored. "people" magazine celebrating the 25th anniversary of the magazine's first sexiest man edition. this year, the title goes to ryan reynolds. he's married to scarlett johansson. the hollywood funny guy likes to do title but he says it will be difficult to work into conversations with random strangers. when tina fey won the mark twain prize for american humor, she -- she talked about being famous for playing sarah palin
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on "saturday night live." >> i would be a liar and an idiot if i didn't thank sarah palin for helping get me here tonight. my partial resemblance and her crazy voice are the two luckiest things that have ever happened to me. [ laughter ] >> her complete acceptance speech was on the pbd website. here's what came next -- >> politics aside, the success of sarah palin and women like her is good for all women -- except for those who will end up paying for their own rape kit and stuff. but for everybody else it's a win-win unless you're a gay woman who wants to marry your partner of 20 years, whatever. but for most women, the success of conservative women is good for all of us, unless you believe in evolution. i take it back. the whole thing's a disaster.
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>> they say comments was edited for time. that will do it for us. our next newscast is the news at 5:00. thanks for watching. have a great day.
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